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10 things you should know about harmful regular receipts

We present to you 10 facts about regular receipts containing bisphenols.

Did you know that 90% of receipts issued by cash registers contains toxic substances, that easily get into the system of each person that has a contact with them? If you haven’t realized yet, what hazard you come across every time you go shopping, we present to you 10 facts about regular receipts containing bisphenols.

  1. For tens of years, the receipts have been printed on a thermal paper, including harmful A bisphenol (BPA), which gives a color due to oxidation. Sadly, this compound is absorbed by skin easily, getting into the system of people who contact it.
  2. In light of repeatedly scientifically confirmed toxicity of BPA, on January 2, 2020, application of this substance in receipts is forbidden in the European Union. The natural equivalent is S bisphenol (BPS). Thus, the seemingly safe BPA Free receipts, containing these substances, are more and more popular. Unfortunately, it is just as toxic as BPA.
  3. BPA and BPS are added to thermal paper in a free form. Thus, their particles are easily transferred on everything that is in contact with paper, e.g. Skin, money in a wallet or food in a shopping bag.
  4. Bisphenol content in receipts is approx. 250- 1000 times bigger than in ready-meal cans or plastic bottles.
  5. A contact of wet, sweaty or greasy hands with a normal receipt, increases the bisphenol absorption even ten times.
  6. Harmful bisphenols remain on skin for up to two hours. This means, that a part, that will not be absorbed by skin, may be easily transported inside the human body through digestive system
  7. According to research, BPS has bigger capability to absorb through skin than BPA. In 88% cases, its presence in human bodies comes from fiscal receipts.
  8. Among the consequences that may be caused by bisphenols, the scientist mention also: over activity, obesity, type II diabetes, asthma, thyroid disorder, fertility disorders, premature births, premature maturing, increase of chances of cancers.
  9. Tests on mice showed that impact of bisphenols on a hormone system remains for three generations! Adult organisms transfer these disorders to their offspring.
  10. The group that is especially vulnerable to toxins from receipts are cash register employees. The level of bisphenols in their systems is extremely high, and in some cases, it exceeds allowable European levels

Emerson Polska, as the first company on Polish market, decided to clearly indicate the seriousness and scale of the problem by informing about possible consequences of using receipts with bisphenol – both BPA and BPS. At the same time, we promote the idea of a Healthy Receipt, encouraging the entrepreneurs to choose fiscal rolls without toxic phenols.

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