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All for Office

We specialize in standard products for office industry and dedicated premium solutions requiring individual approach and creativity.

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All for office

Emerson is one of the largest suppliers for office industry in Poland. We are a manufacturer of high-quality paper materials, such as computer compilation, plotter paper, cash register and ATM rolls, labels, business form printing. The portfolio of products includes also copy paper, professional cleaning chemical substances of Nexxt, hygiene, food and packaging products.

Apart from products included in a standard offer, we provide solutions dedicated to particular business activities. We develop customized products, that allow Customers to stand out on the market. Among the individual products, we offer: 


Paper materials

Since the very beginning, we are known as manufacturers of high-quality polygraph materials, necessary for every office.

Our main products, that you’ll find in most offices include:

  • Copy paper,
  • Rolls for cash registers and terminals,
  • Computer compilation,
  • labels,
  • Job printing,
  • Plotter rolls,
  • Many other office products.

External products

Thanks to unique distribution network that we have developed over the last 30 years, we have a significant sales potential. We are contacted by companies that, with our help, reach offices in the whole country.

Thus, our catalog features the following products:

  • Food products – coffee, tea, beverages, candy,
  • Household chemicals,
  • Cleaning agents,
  • Many other utility products.

Products for shopping centers

Quality and popularity of our products led to the fact that also shopping centers are interested in them. Currently, with ease, they sell it under their own brands. The most popular include:

  • A4 and A5 copy paper
  • Self-sticking labels
  • Job printing,
  • Notepad blocks,
  • Disinfecting and cleaning agents.

Upon request, we may also create and deliver a network-dedicated product.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

All for Office
Barbara Papiernik

Manager of the Sales Department for Standard Products



Various skills, experience and a good team make it possible for us to offer the All in One service, namely realization of even most complex projects from scratch – from the concept, through design, manufacturing, co-packing, to distribution. Learn about various All in One scenarios. See how would we carry out your project!

Thanks to trade contacts with partners from the entire world, we deliver gloves, masks, anti-bacteria gels of high-quality, at reasonable price and in timely manner. Our Graphic Studio develops appealing packages and our Packaging department will manufacture and pack products. We deliver the sets to a particular address in an agreed-on and timely manner.

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The co-trend is more and more visible on the market, and we are more than happy to take part in such projects. When a client contacts us that wants to manufacture ecological copy paper under his/her own brand, We share our experience and skills in this field with him/her. We deliver high-quality products in appealing packaging. We can support sales by designing and manufacturing efficient and reliable POS materials – stands, expositors, and more. More on Eco Paper >>
Us and our competition. We are unique case we have only high-quality products, we operate efficiently on both central and local level – among our distributors. All of this you may have under your brand if economic calculation allows it. We may advise you also in that department. More about products for your company >>