Healthy receipt

Each day, hundreds of thousand of Poles are in contact with receipts containing harmful substances called bisphenols, that easily absorb through the skin into the human body. Although some consumers become aware of the hazard, a vast majority of salesmen still uses toxic cash register rolls. Soon, this may change radically. We are entering the era of safe shopping – the era of a Healthy Receipt!



Almost every day, each of us visits shops or service points and receive fiscal receipts as a confirmation of purchase -seemingly safe piece of paper. In reality, however, each contact with such proof of purchase may negatively affect our health. Why? Receipts are made on a thermal paper, usually covered with bisphenols A or S (BPA or BPS), that give a color due to oxidation. In case of contact with a proof of purchase, these harmful compounds sit on skin, and a significant amount of them is absorbed, through skin, into the human body. Remaining part may get into the digestive system (e.g. In case we do not wash hands or touch food products).

Currently, the situation seems extremely unfavorable for the consumers, and also cash register employees. The vast majority of receipts issued contains bisphenols, that negatively impact the hormonal economy and are especially dangerous for health of pregnant women and children. Contact with BPA in this period of life may lead to hyperactivity, brain damage, and long-term – increase the probability of cancers. However, this is only a part of potential hazards mentioned above.




Harmful BPA and equally harmful substitute
Due to repeatedly scientifically proven toxicity of BPA, since middle 2011 it cannot be a constituent of plastic bottles for feeding children, sold in the European Union. Also, it is a reason why it was added, by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), to the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC). Moreover, there is a current allowable amount of BPA, that may be released from toys for children up to the age of three, and from all toys to be put to mouth by children Another step is introduction, by the European Council, a prohibition to use this substances in cash register rolls, which shall apply since January 2, 2020. As a allowable substitute, S bisphenol was indicated, so the seemingly safe BPA Free receipts, based on this substitute, become more and more popular. Unfortunately, further studies proven its toxicity and even more capability of absorbing through skin.

IN 2013, Cheryl Watson from the Medical Department of the University of Texas porved, that BPS, even in minimal concentration may disturb normal functioning of animal cells, contributing to development of diabetes, asthma, fetus pathology and even cancers. In turn. Professor Patricia Hunt from the University of Washington proved the capability of BPA and other bisphenols to damage the germ cells, proving, at the same time, that destructive modifications present in the hormonal system are passed on the following generations.

Initiative of a positive change

Emerson Polska, with the sense of belief, that statutory changes are a step in the right direction, however not sufficient, decided to promote the idea of replacement of cash register rolls containing BPA with other, that are incomparably safer for employees and customers. That’s how Healthy Receipt came to life – a solution deprived of not only A and S bisphenols, but also any other phenols.

With a wide experience in the industry, steady market position and recognition of numerous recipients from 25 countries in Europe and world, Emerson Polska, as the first on Polish market, decided to clearly indicate the seriousness and scale of the issue, informing the society of possible outcomes of using receipts containing bisphenols.

We want to raise awareness of the consumers in our country regarding potential hazards resulting from contact with BPA and BPS, quickness of their absorption through skin and easiness of them sticking to any objects they have contact with. At the same time, we promote the idea of a Healthy Receipt, encouraging entrepreneurs to choose fiscal rolls deprived of toxic phenols – say Robert Hanusiak, the vice President for Commercial Matters for Emerson Polska.



Mutual benefit

The latest Emerson product is a great possibility for each trading or service company to prove their cash employees and customers, that they care about their health, and to stand out in the industry as a responsible employer and seller. The current situation for both groups is severely unfavorable, since 10% of proof of purchase received at cash registers is deprived of toxic bisphenols. Bearing that in mind, we invite future partners to join the community of Friends of Healthy Receipt. We dedicate our offer to a wide range of recipients – not only large shopping networks, but also to all pharmacies, shops, service centers and particular entrepreneurs, who care about health of their customers and employees” – adds Hanusiak.

The initiative by Emerson Polska is an innovative approach in the field of receipts, not only in Poland, but in the world, and it occurs based on careful analyses of current and upcoming trends related to ecology and healthy lifestyle. The potential for significant reduction of fiscal rolls with BPA and BPS for the benefit of phenol-free solutions is gigantic. With increasing interest of the consumers in constituents of purchased and received products, the Healthy Receipt may become a symbol of positive changes on that matter. First steps towards the era of safe shopping have been made. Innovation by Emerson Polska gains new allies among national recipients, who want to contribute to gradual elimination of toxic substances from our common everyday life.