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Co-packing and packaging

Our offer features co-packing and packing!

Our offer features co-packing and packing – completion, labeling, gluing, packing and unpacking for cardboard boxes, supplementing stands, expositors, exhibition stands and delivery thereof, storage, and many others.

We are flexible, and we have an experienced team, and thanks to a convenient location, we can efficiently provide services in each part of our country. For our Customers, we have prepared a professional 4000 m2 space for storage, which gives 4600 pallet spaces dedicated only for co-packing. Moreover, we also manufacture packages. Our employees consult our Customers in terms of optimization of manufacturing costs, providing help in selection of raw materials, formats and print technology. Apart from packages manufactured by us or delivered by the Customer, our offer features packing of various products and shipping them to selected locations. Thanks to this, as one of very few in Poland, we also provide comprehensive services regarding the entire co-packing process- starting from the package design, through manufacturing, storage, to shipping.



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