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Global price increase

What’s ahead of us in 2021?

The situation we have been facing for over a year, is worldwide unique. Pandemic affected each field of our lives. The aftermath hit also the printing branch. What’s ahead of us in 2021?

Above all, increases in prices of raw materials and components, which will directly translate to an increase in production costs, and thus, sales costs. Significant increase in prices on the raw material market is something we have been observing since the beginning of this year. The prices of cellulose grow rapidly on world markets – compared to August of the previous year, it is an over 30% increase. Moreover, there were some perturbations in the chain of supply, resulting from lack of containers in freight. Also, the power prices increase continuously. The manufacturers and suppliers are worried also because of disruptions related to force majeure in the field of chemical production.

It seems that this trend will go on in following months. Emerson makes all efforts to alleviate the price increase of finished products and services, whereas both continuous price increase and extended delivery and supply terms for raw materials and components for production may affect the price level and terms for delivery of orders.

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