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Over 20 years of experience lets us deliver almost every order related co co-packaging and customization of food, pre-packed and non-food products.

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The department that handles extensive co-packing services for companies from retail and e-commerce market, is located in Sosnowiec (Silesian voivodship). Over 20 years of experience of hand-made work, including fulfillment, lets us deliver almost every order related to co-packing and customization of (pre-packed) food and non-food products.

We do not handle fine and fluid co-packing.

We have experience in designing and manufacturing exhibition and delivery packages, preparing products for distribution and shipping, including fragile products, like glass. We offer our Customers 3800 m2 of a high storage warehouse for short and long-term storage of goods. Our qualified personnel will handle basic and complex manual co-packing.

The services include:



Each larger manufacturer and web store requires professional storage service. Some companies choose to do it on their own – some – externally, and others – in a hybrid manner. Each model has its own pros and cons, so we need to revise our needs and make the right choice.

Our offer features advising and short and long-term storage with all related services.

Location of our storages in Sosnowiec and Piotrków Trybunalski, near main exit roads and in each direction of Europe, and high flexibility and tempo lead to the fact that we often take part in large projects and gladly share our experience with our Customers.


Co-packing and fulfillment

This scope of action is understood in different ways due to a specifics of particular product and market.

According to our definition, these terms mean versatile logistic and production and service processes that lead to efficient provision of accurate product to the end Customer, and in a timely manner.

These services include all necessary processes of upgrading products with indicated information, specific packing thereof, preparation for distribution, including courier and freight services.


Manufacturing of logistic and promotional materials

When providing services, we base on materials necessary to perform a given order, e.g.:

  • Logistic labels
  • Promotional labels,
  • Unitary promotional packages (for a particular product),
  • Collective promotional packages (for product sets),
  • E-commerce delivery packages,
  • Collective delivery packages,
  • Stands, expositors, displays, trays,
  • Foil packages,
  • pallets.

You can order all of them here!

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

Ewelina Morka
Ewelina Morka

Project Manager



Various skills, experience and a good team make it possible for us to offer the All in One service, namely realization of even most complex projects from scratch – from the concept, through design, manufacturing, co-packing, to distribution. Learn about various All in One scenarios. See how would we carry out your project!


With passion and joy, we design and manufacture more or less complex promotional packages every day. We are experienced in that department, which experience we share gladly.

What makes us unique is the fact that we can stock up on packages – pack a product or a mix of products in it according to specifics and deliver it to particular locations.

Often, such scenario involves 3 companies: designer, manufacturer and co-packer. With us, the Customers need only one!

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Labeling is the service we perform most often in the Packaging department. Thus, we are one of the largest specialized label manufacturers in Poland, and we also get a lot of requests regarding additional service – sticking labels on products. To meet the demand, the labeling service was initiated and has been developing ever since.

Here’s what you can order:

Label project (including selection of raw material and manufacturing technology).
Label production,
Product labeling,
Packing in joint packages,
Preparing for distribution and distribution itself.

Hard to find an alternative to such offer.

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In this scenario, 360 means, among others:

  • Blanking die mesh project,
  • Graphic project,
  • Stand, expositor production, etc.,
  • Stocking them up,
  • Preparing for distribution acc. to specifics of shopping centers,
  • Delivery to particular locations.

Often all we get from the Customers is a picture, description or a stand picture that they like (“found on the Internet”).

At the end of the day, the Customers have their products exposed on a agreed-on date in shopping centers on attractive and durable expositors.

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