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3D IKEA models

Customer – IKEA Group – „The mission of IKEA is to create better conditions for everyday life for many people. Their business idea is to offer a wide range of functional and well-designed home furnishings, at prices so low that most people can afford it.”

Scope of work – developing paperboard models/3D coloring books in the cuddly toy fashion – a mouse, a rabbit, an owl or a frog.

Aim of action – support for promotion for children – international competition based on drawing a picture of a character, on te basis of which a new cuddly toy will be manufactured and sold.

What is interesting within the scope of this product – the collection of 4 models in one action strengthens the message and satisfies the taste of most kids. On one hand, it provides a wide range of choices, bur on the other hand, it gives a possibility to show activeness and collect the entire set.