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Copy white paper – The Royal Family

A4 white photocopy paper

Perfect for a wide range of applications where needed – in a busy office environment or at home. Paper with a characteristic tiger on a package, offers a trouble-free work with modern office devices, printers and copy machines. It is dedicated to a color laser printing black-and-white printing, copying, writing or even drawing. Use ti each time you need to print any presentation, graphs, color graphics, business and direct correspondence, any bulletins as well as sales reports and black-and-white text.

This paper will provide images and informational materials an optimal quality, and also a proper and clear contrast.

White EKO copy machine paper

High quality, versatile paper for laser, ink printers, copy machines and fax-type machines. It is ecological, 100% made of recycling paper. It has a natural, beige, eye-friendly shade.

SUPER WHITE copy paper

Provides quick and trouble-free operation of printers and copy machines. Perfect for every-day use, both for internal correspondence, printing of texts, tables, colored graphs, and for home use. High paper whiteness