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Continuous stationery

Used for continuous printing on dot matrix printers.

Product description

Used for continuous printing on dot matrix printers.

Available sizes:

  • side width: from 150 mm to 420 mm,
  • page lengths: 6”, 8”, 8 1/3”, 11”, 12” i 12 1/2”.

Made as single page fanfold or as a multiple selfcopy form.
Colors of individual layers: the first layer – white, intermediate layers respectively – yellow, green, yellow, green, the last layer – pink. Other colors are also possible at the customer’s special request.

We offer:

  • double-sided print in full color,
  • all kinds of perforation,
  • the possibility of glueing in traction,
  • mechanical numbering or ink-jet personalization,
  • neutralizing ink, i.e. selective blocking of copying,
  • any weight range and color scheme of the raw material,
  • and others for individual request.


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