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Healthy Receipt thermal rolls

At Emerson Polska, we believe that human health is an unrivaled value, and if any of the products you use every day could be a threat to it, it’s worth taking every possible step to eliminate as many risk factors as possible.

This is how the idea of the Healthy Receipt was born, a solution free not only of harmful bisphenol A and S, but also of any phenols. Thanks to them, shoppers can fully enjoy their shopping experience and checkout staff is not exposed to toxic bisphenol!

“Healthy Receipt” thermal rolls:

  • are free of bisphenol (including BPA and BPS) and any phenols;
  • are made of heat-sensitive paper with a basis weight of 50 ± 6 g/m2;
  • paper manufacturer guarantees the durability of the printout for up to 10 years;
  • possible printing according to individual demand and graphic design.



Technical Specifications

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