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Labeling – manual and machine

Within the scope of services we provide, we also perform labelling on products and packages.

Within the scope of services we provide, we also perform labelling on products and packages. We carry out a full labeling process. We manufacture labels, tape goods, distribute finished stickers. We assure, that by choosing us, you decide to cooperate with a partner, that will deliver high-quality products, at reasonable prices.


Labeling – manual and machine

We provide manual and machine labeling. Technologies we use, allow us for smooth, mass and mostly automated work. We accept large, medium and very small orders. Our products and works are characterized by excellent quality, endurance and flawless aesthetics. We support manufacturing, distribution and exposure.


Cardboard box labeling

We work with finished products, that are about to go to the Customers, and collective packages, important for the internal supply and goods flow. Cardboard box labeling makes it possible to distinguish desired parameters of transported or shipped goods. Product marking includes primary, information, and hazardous and tamper marks. It is important that package marking is readable and clear, and resistant to abrasion.


Labeling of food products

It is difficult to imagine staple products, especially food products, without labels. Food product labeling makes it possible to include and detail, on the packages, important information, often necessary for the buyer and consumer. Labels provide information on calories of products, presence of potential allergens, expiry date or country of origin. Graphical appealing label is also a business card of high-quality, popular and often chosen products.


Technical Specifications

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