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Linerless labels

The linerless label is a liner-free solution – an efficient alternative to standard labels with liner.

It consists of a continuous web simillar to an adhesive tape. One layer is both a label and a label carrier. In this way, we eliminate waste in the form of a carrier (liner) and consequently reduce the costs of the product itself as well as reduce costs of exploitation.

Linerless, due to its continuity, allows to adjust the size of the label to the length of the print. This is automatically adjusted, so there are no empty unused free spaces on the label. Label is divided by simple tear off afetr print.

Linerless roll has to be replaced less frequently than traditional label, which saves significantly time (less downtime waiting periods). Thanks to its unique properties, this solution is increasingly used in the logistics and food industry (i.a. in scales and printers).

Technical Specifications

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