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Thermal sensitive and thermal transfer labels

The most common label material is ECO thermal paper, which is used in thermal printers and scales, or coated paper for thermal transfer printers.

Final product usually works as a label but also can be produced a s a continuous fanfold with perforation.

Thermal labels are extremely simple to use and are designed to be printed on thermal printers where the user does not need to use an additional coloring foil. The label is covered with a thermosensitive layer. The top layer changes color depending on temperature. Thermal labels appear as TOP and ECO labels. In TOP thermal labels, the material is covered with a protective layer, which is a barrier against humidity or grease. Print on such a label is more durable and secured in comparison to the ECO label. ECO thermal labels are cheaper but have shorter lifespan and lower resistance to grease and humidity.

Thermal transfer labels – one of the most common labels – are widely used in logistics, warehouse management, industry and trade.

We make them on following materials:

  • paper,
  • PP film,
  • PE film,
  • metallized foil.

We can produce labels from other raw materials, using specific glue or label carrier (liner) at individual customer’s request.

Technical Specifications

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