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Emerson Offline 360

Sales support

We create, design and manufacture sales support items for our Customers.

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Sales support

This is a department consisting of qualified and experienced staff of graphic designers, copywriters, and managers who, every day, come up with, design and manufacture sales support items for our Customers. In general, each product requires sales support. Depending on the type of product life, market situation and competition, out team is able to adjust and implement each, big or small action that translate into sales significantly. Sometimes it is a little gadget added to a product, and sometimes it’s a complex, multi-channel, and multi-stage marketing campaign.

Our suggestions are always customized – personalized. You can also use a rich library of projects and adjust them to own needs. Our specialty is kids marketing and here we have the widest experience. However, we do not back down from supporting brands for adults – tobacco, alcohol and others.


Promotional gadgets and materials

Sales support with a gadget is a very good idea. However, it can be problematic. Both in terms of choice and performance. There are many companies on the market that deliver gadgets. However, what makes us unique, is the fact that we also design and manufacture them ourselves. Most often we use paper, which makes our products:

  • Relatively cheap,
  • Quick to make, even on a large scale,
  • environment-friendly.

We also do projects with other materials (plastics), but each time, our offer stands out due to uniqueness and a high level of customization.

We have the same belief when designing promotional materials – they must be special! 


POS materials

First and foremost – you need to be visible. Otherwise, the Customer will walk past us. Even the high-quality product won’t help here.

TO do this, sometimes a regular stand in the hallway, between shelves, is enough. Sometimes it must be a complex “island” filled with tools to stimulate different senses of people passing it by.

Whatever it might be, we are interested in designing and manufacturing it. Let us prove our versatility!


Promotion and product packages

Product package is an endless topic. There’s always something that needs to be packaged. The question is: how and in what?

Most often we need a package that is:

  • “Full package”, but cheap,
  • With many upgrades, but ready for yesterday,
  • Eco-friendly, but at normal prices.

In other words – designing and manufacturing packages is the art of compromise, but at the end of the day, the end Customer is not to see it, and to appreciate it by purchasing it.

It is a challenging task, but we like it and face it gladly. 

We are looking forward to cooperating with you.



Various skills, experience and a good team make it possible for us to offer the All in One service, namely realization of even most complex projects from scratch – from the concept, through design, manufacturing, co-packing, to distribution. Learn about various All in One scenarios. See how would we carry out your project!



Kids going back to school is such a popular event in the promotion calendar, that hardly any company uses it directly or indirectly to increase sales of their products and services.

We specialize in kids marketing, so we are full of proven ideas. Just use our project library or request us to create a new one. In this scenario, you can expect an idea, recreating it in the project form, manufacturing or distribution according to availability.

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A few years back, this form of sales support was used only by the majors. Today, even smallest stores try to cooperate with influencers, who are suitable for a particular market or product. An inevitable attribute of such communication is Welcome Pack.

We have some spectacular achievements in this department. We will gladly handle another task from scratch. 

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Our main product, by the end of the year, are Christmas packages and Advent calendars. In fact, regular calendars also apply. In case of Advent calendars, we specialize in the ones, where, instead of classic star or Santa-shaped chocolates, we pack Customer’s products – cosmetics, diet supplements, food product samples and others.

This only seems to be easy. To achieve this, it is necessary to assembly the entire project in one place. We can design such calendar, manufacture it and pack the Customer’s products in the calendar according to a particular order. Moreover, we can deliver it to selected addressees or sales points

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