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What makes us unique are innovative solutions and extensive product portfolio. We choose original, effective and innovative solutions.

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specialized printing

The Customers are looking for out-of-the-box, unique solutions. They want to promote own products in an appealing and efficient way, by creating more and ore surprising promotional undertakings. To our Customers, we are not only business partners and product advisor, but above all -thanks to our portfolio – we are a source of inspiration and endless ideas.


Our machinery park
Features, among others:

  • Roller printers – in the UV offset and UV flexo technology (up to 16 colors in one travel)
  • Roller collator
  • Label production lines (printing, die cutting, copying, perso)
  • Form production lines with labels and integrated cards and pressure sealer glue
  • Cutting and sewing machines
  • Cutters, guillotines, foil machines
  • Labeling machines, folding machines

Papers on
which we print:

  • Offset, coated (matt, silk, gloss) uncoated, recycled
  • Self-copying – various colors and thicknesses
  • Self-sticking – CF, lasers, thermal, coated: of various glue types
  • Thermal – eco, semi top, top
  • Selectively coated
  • Specialized, e.g with UV-visible fibers with watermarks
  • Thickness of 43 g/m2 to 300 g/m2

Printing with special
paints, such as:

  • Scratch-off paint (silver, gold)
  • Neutralization – copying blocking paint on self-copying papers
  • Fluorescent paints
  • UV-visible paints
  • Termochromic paints – change colors under heat
  • Sensoric lacquers
  • Metallic
  • Magnetic

We print with the use of standard paints (Pantons, HKS, CMYK).

We have our very own state-of-art Graphic Studio. We perform polygraphy work ourselves – starting from graphic design to entire realization of the most complex orders.

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Specialized printing - Emerson
Izabela Kurasiewicz

Sales and Customer Service Department Manager



Various skills, experience and a good team make it possible for us to offer the All in One service, namely realization of even most complex projects from scratch – from the concept, through design, manufacturing, co-packing, to distribution. Learn about various All in One scenarios. See how would we carry out your project!


Do you want to promote your product in a scratch-off lottery? In this scenario, we can offer many different services. From the substantial and graphical concept, through organization and production of all components, such as scratch-offs, entire POS communication, distribution and reward management. You can use the entire scenario or select one of its items, e.g. Only scratch-off manufacturing.

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In our opinion, promotion at sales points is the most efficient form of marketing and sales activity that you can organize.

Realize how many receipts, proofs, confirmations are issue every day at cash registers – these are hundreds of billions. 

Thus, their reverse side should be normally used as promotional surface.

However, for such promotion to be efficient, it must be built, developed and implement in a substantive manner. It is a difficult process, but according to our Customers – beneficial Contact us and we will process a similar scenario from scratch.

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Regardless of whether you sell in the network or a shop shelf, every day you need various labels, forms, documents- specialized prints to handle Customers and perform deliveries.

Most of these products and services you can find here. Moreover, our offer features full advising services and we share our know-how to optimize the entire process according to form, efficiency and costs.

We have solutions that will improve and develop your business. We may design it, manufacture and deliver it to a particular location in the world. 

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